Swedish candy tradition

What you might not know about Sweden …

If we say Sweden, you might think of snow, cross-country skiing and maybe a couple of Tennis and Ping-Pong players.

That’s all true, but let us please share a National Secret. The Swedes are a people with a sweet tooth.

There is hardly a holiday or any family gathering where bowls full of candy aren’t brought out. Easter eggs, Christmas homemade fudge, and all year along the classic “Saturday Sweets”lordgas.

Being a health concerned nation, Swedish children have for generations only been allowed to eat candy on Saturdays. Well, recently that has become a bit more lenient, cause nowadays the candy eating starts on Friday night when most families enjoy the “Friday night chill” that is basically about eating yummy stuff and hanging out together.

Sweden is one of the biggest candy consumers and producers in Europe. If you like something, well, you want it to be good. All Fillidutt candy is made in Europe & sold in Sweden, under some of the highest food safety standards in the world.

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