Swedes and sweets

Welcome to the sweet, sour, salty and yummy, yummy world of Fillidutt!

This is a story about the Swedes and their sweets. Everyone grown up in Sweden can relate to the memory of the Iighthearted Saturday morning walk to the Candy store, with the weekly aIIowance in a firm grip.

Back in the day you had to point at your favorites and the lady behind the counter would fill up the bag with as much as you could afford.

Then, mid-eighties came a small Candy revolution where walls full of candy jars appeared in the stores. No more pointing, now you could pick and mix your favorites and pay by the weight, not by the piece. Some claim that to be the greatest invention of all time.

Now, Fillidutt brought them all the way to Shanghai, the wonderful Pick and Mix experience with healthy European made candy is available in Asia.

Welcome to Fillidutt… and don’t forget to brush your teeth!

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